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Tank and tinker


Tank and Tinker is a multi-label pet boutique with three major purposes;

It all started in Bangkok, Thailand when Tank, a brindle Frenchie, turned six months old. We tried to look for some fun and cool stuffs for him that were not already available in Thailand. And we definitely know there’s something exciting waiting us ahead .

That is where the beginning of project; DOGs Gear Thailand®

To provide the premium quality – to make you and your dog’s that much cooler – to secure your pet living more comfort, support and safe.

WHAT We carry

OneTigris Dog Gear

OneTigris® is a group of young hearts and lovers of life, and our mission is to empower you with motivation and affordable quality gear that helps you to do more and go further. How? By taking note of the needs of each user and where their heart takes them. Every day is a quest for inspirations and the urge to connect with people through good gear and tactical living. Serving prepared minds since 2014, OneTigris® thrives through feedback and co-design to deliver quality, affordability and flexibility for K9s, airsofters EDC users and outdoorsmen. Do more with the same budget; begin your journey with good gear.

In 2016, OneTigris designed a dog harness for American director Shawn Welling's new movie starring "Ranger", and afterwards became a fan of the both of them.

"A dog lives his/her life similar to how a man would, and you can get tactical no matter if it’s 2-legged-living or 4-legged-living"


KiloNiner represents their love for dogs and our passion for creating quality gear. Most of their products are manufactured and designed in the United States of America (Handmade in the U.S.A) and are built to MilSpec standards (just because that's what they know).

Their intention is to have some fun and meet the standard you've come to expect from those creating quality hard-use gear. Enjoy and thanks for the support.