OneTigris Merchandise Embroidered Dog Morale Patches

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Why Choose 1TG K9 Army Patches?

Embody OneTigris and the spirit of the tigris with these unique K9 squad patches, voted by our users through our #YourIdeaMatters campaign on social media, with a special recruit, the Serval Cat. Did you know that over half of the staff at the 1TG office owns a cat, dog, or both? Not only are we crazy about patches, we love these designs that celebrate our favourite animals, sporting OneTigris gear and ready for action.

OneTigris K9 Army Patches

  • 1TG/OneTigris Collectables
  • Detailed stitching and skilled craftsmanship
  • Hook fastener sewn on the back for attachment to gear and loop surfaces
  • Personalize your gear with unique patches that roar with the spirit of the Tigris


  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 0.3oz/10g

Package Includes

  • OneTigris K9 Army Patch *1